Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've been places

Sometimes I forget that I've been places.

My neighbor was looking at a dictionary (it seemed more like an encyclopedia to me) and asked me if I've ever been to Europe.

Well, yes, I have been to Europe.

She wanted to know where so I told her I lived in Germany and that I visited different countries while I was there. "Paris?" She wanted to know.

"Yes." I remembered. I have been to Paris.

It's easy to forget the places my life has taken me while I'm here in this country. It's easy to focus life to the DR or America, because that's what the world seems to boil down to here, but, the world is larger than this and I have been to some of it.

When I think about the "vast" number of United States states I've been too, even that seems grand when I compare it to the DR. This island has two major cities, countless tourist attractions and a vast climate, but it is contained to an area of land about 1/8th the size of my home state. I've lived in 7 states, and 3 countries and have probably been to more cities than this island has on its map.

Another thing I think I've also realized is that I don't go places with other people. I went to Europe alone and met people there. I went to Florida alone and met great people. I came here alone, and have met wonderful people. Maybe it's time I start meeting splendid people with people I know.

Now that in done complain-bragging I guess I should sum it all up.

I've been places, I don't plan to stop going places, and I want you to go places with me. Whose in?

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