Friday, September 13, 2013

A list

Just a little list of all the fun things I've been doing, and therefore not updating my blog:

I went to the capital for Corps Forum
I moved out of my host families house
I made my house my home
I lost my keys
I may have found my keys
I went to Lobo's site
I rode side saddle on a moto in my white dress
I discovered some hilarious peace corps tumblrs
I went to "sexy" John's site
I made an appointment with the doctor for the first time
I gave a sample
I caught up with my girls
I bought another Internet stick
I took Caribe Tours
I became somebody's assistant for the Construye Tus Sueños conference in October
I thought about the consideration of doing Peace Corps again
I made friends at my site
I bought groceries to put in my house
I started using my mosquito net better
I failed at Spanish
I won at Spanish
I obtained Harry Potter 1-7 (but not 6) in Spanish
I had a discussion about homeschooling
I was mistaken for a Mormon
I made banana pancakes for my friends
I ate Chinese food in the DR
I missed my family
I missed Chandler
I missed my friends in America
I found out someone was already Campo-married
I found out someone was pregnant and telling other people!
I reminded myself why I didn't want a cat
I decided I really care about adult literacy
I found out a friends home was robbed and decided to be a little more careful
I put off writing a blog showing off my house... Coming soon to a blog near you. (Not mine... Someone else's. someone better at blogging.)

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