Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have been in the DR for about two days now. I spent the first night at a wonderful Catholic retreat center and my fellow trainees and I played a lot of cards and spoke a lot of English. I know this is not going to be the case much longer, but for now I am okay with being coddled like a baby.

The food has been wonderful. Beans rice and chicken make up a lot of the diet. I was very excited about the avocado I had. (I bought an avocado in DC as well and both the DR and DC avocados are ahead of the game in taste compared to Colorado avocados).

Soon I am going to meet my host family. I am currently in a post lunch fight for wi-fi. I feel lucky in that I was able to grab some Internet this morning before the rest of the group and I sent a message out to three much missed family and friends.

I am having a good time so far. The Spanish will come tonight and the host family fun will start.

For now I leave my readers with this: I forgot to bring a watch so I will be buying one. And also, I'm having fun, learning a lot, feel safe, and will contact when contact comes.

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