Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank you DR

In the Dominican Republic I have little brothers. I think the little brother I am going to connect with best is Albert. He is a four year old little boy and he is exactly like me. We both push food around on our plates and then suddenly shout out a word in Spanish. His reason is likely because he is four, mine is because I have finally thought of a Spanish word I know that could maybe start a relevant conversation with my host family.

I am currently most proud that I finally really know what también means.

My malaria medication has started producing the vivid dreams. I think I am going to ask the PCMO today if that was a super bad sign, or just a sign. Last nights dream contained some risqué things and multiple multiple characters. Some were baking eating and stealing banana bread from each other and others were speaking Spanish. Everyone says its good when you begin to speak Spanish in your dreams, but being as I am now at most a level 3, I think the Spanish is simply because I've been surrounded by it. Today is todo día español.

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