Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adan y Eva

It was really nice tonight. I went to a bible study class with my host mom. I didn't understand much, but she is always sure to send me to the right passage in the bible so I can attempt to follow the conversation. Usually the conversation is for not, but it is nice to have something to read while the chatter is happening around me.

When we arrived at home, after successfully asking my grandmother if I could buy a spanish bible in the supermarket, I had a long successful conversation with my mom about Adam and Eve and also a passage in Romans all in Spanish. It was probably only five minutes of conversation, but right now in the DR that is more than enough for me to feel successful.

Now, vamos a mi cama. En la mañana, yo tengo clase de Español. Necesito duerme.

Okay, so the Spanish isn't perfect, but I promise, it is coming.

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