Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glory adios!

Apparently going to a baptist-like church in Santo Domingo feels exactly like going to a Pentecostal church in Germany. The praises to God being shouted in another language sound random, then an occasional word I understand will be thrown in and for roughly 30 seconds things make sense again.

When my host-Mom told me last night that we were going to church at nine then I woke up at 8:37 this morning I was worried. Then, when 10 came and went and we were still sitting at the house, I was less concerned.

We went to church, had a great big meal, and I am now in siesta time. This was also my first time eating with men and the first time my mom gave me aguacate (aka: avocado). I knew she wanted me to have it because she brought it to me personally and asked me about it. We had talked about me liking it at some point. My dad also talked about how avocado grown here is deported to Los Estados Unidos.

Final thought, I was trying really hard to figure out what the people meant my "glory adios". I listened for a long time. This is something along with hallelujah that was shouted randomly by many at church. Part way through I figured out that they were saying "Glory a Dios!" Same thing, but instead of glory goodbye the second means glory to God. Dios is God in Spanish.

Final final thought. I didn't know how much French I knew, but as I try desperately to communicate my brain is pulling at everything it knows and I use avec instead of con frequently and le toilet instead of inodoro. Also, l'enfant instead of... I don't even know, bebe? My accent is French and my understanding is all over the place, but I do have hope. Language will come.

From so close, yet so far,

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