Friday, March 8, 2013

A proper update

I have a host familla. My host-Mom is very aware that mi no hablo español mucha. She is also okay with that. She has two young boys who are hilarious and love to laugh at and with me. Mi padre is also aware of my lack of Spanish skill, but being as he came home and I was bucket bathing and heading to bed he didn't get much chance to laugh at my expense. My host-Mom served me eggs with vegetables and watered down orange juice, freshly squeezed. Her mother lives upstairs and is hosting another volunteer, so when we ventured that way I was again served freshly squeezed OJ for dinner.

I did bucket bathe. For me, I used the spray bottle I brought to country for my hair. I don't know if it made it harder or easier, but for now I've washed the important parts and headed to bed.

My PC provided mosquito net is tucked in tight and I think for now I am going to take care of a grooming situation and go dormir. I look forward to mi mama giving me a breakfast in the morning. Likely a PB minus the J because through broken Spanglish I was able to explain that I liked it And she was able to hear that I wanted it at EVERY meal.

In other news, I hear we are getting our cell phones next week, so buy your calling cards or Skype Credits now. It's cheap enough for America to call into DR that I'm sure some of you may take advantage of that. While I'm here in Santo Domingo for training the signal may be good enough to call, but my timing will be limited. Once training is over in May and swear in happens I may have a bit more time, but could also move to some place with limited signal. The good news is that three months after that I can get visitors. I hear some of the other volunteers speaking of plans being made by anxious relatives, so put your considering caps on.

Any way. Though my Spanish is awful and my smiles are strange my host-Mom still said mi amor when I went to bed (as she spoke to me from the toilet), so I feel a family connection already blossoming. Dominicans are very wonderful, and I look forward to my time in country.

Cut to technical talk: The way this is working, this blog thing, is I set my blogger to accept emails as posts. So, I am writing the posts on my phone with no wifi connection and at the earliest convenience to wifi I will hit send and hope the connection is strong enough.

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