Sunday, March 24, 2013

PCV visit

"Being you is not a bad thing. It's just a thing." -A. Lobo

One of my Peace Corps Trainee friends said that and I think it's genius.

I went kayaking to a beach yesterday. That's a thing. Today I am hiking a mountain I saw from the lagoon... That's also a thing.

The tour is part of the volunteer's Eco-Tourism project. The guide was a local man and the tour was a lot more informative than I was expecting.

This post was written about that day.

Cut to Saturday.

Today we climbed a mountain. Well, I caught a ride with a tour group half way up because I really had to use the bathroom. As I sit here in the swing up top I realize I may have to use the bathroom again. This place is great. Also, weird tan.

Cut to Sunday.

I'm leaving Tito's house today. As I lay under this mosquito net I think about the sunburn on my back. Is this going to be a constant over the next two years or will my skin adjust? I'm hoping for adjustment.

Tito, Lobo, and I talked about blogs last night and how a lot of people can have blogs that become way to unrealistically a list of "all the good I'm doing in the peace corps". I'm hoping to keep mine informative and funny... But mostly funny.

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