Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cable tv?!

Tonight I learned that my host family has cable. I knew they had a television in the parents room that the kids watch every time we actually have electricity. Until today, I was never invited in, so I simply didn't go in. Every other television I have seen has been a white noise, 1990's version of 5 channel Spanish television and I assumed the T.V. in my host-parents' room was the same.

... Wrong. It is a big screen television with at least 292 channels. I know this because my brothers were watching the Disney channel here and that was the number on the CABLE box. I'm not a cable watcher. Even in the states I didn't have cable at my apartment, but in the middle of the D.R., where I typically take a bucket bath, actually... I ALWAYS take a bucket bath, the idea of cable television is one I hadn't even considered.

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