Friday, June 7, 2013


6 June 2013
(Yes, I know... I really need to get better at dating these posts since you tend to get a bunch on one day. No promises, I'm too human and imperfect for that.)

I made an impromptu visit to Santiago. I was reading an email the other day from a COS-ing volunteer. He said he had a bike and the first to stake a claim could have it. I talked with my project partner, we called the volunteer, and the next day I was on a 6 a.m. guagua out of Guelete. (Here I will mention that guagua sometimes simply means pickup truck. In the campo, guagua really kind of means vehicle)

We drove for an amount of time. Arrived at the casa, and I was able to pick through the discarded things of two volunteers. I also scored a map of the United States, but the funny thing is that it is actually a map of all of the Cracker Barrels in the United States.

The other good thing to note is that here the guagua driver knows where you live and offers to drive all of the crap to your house so you don't have to transport it all over the city for two days. When I get home I will have a bike, some journals, two sets of shelves, and a few new books waiting for me.


Also, my Mom called me.
I love calls.
My sister might also call me.
I don't have service in Guelete.
If anyone is curious I have a scheduled city visit on the 19/20th of June so if anyone wants to call me or send mail or... Facebook chat, or whatever... Just let me know and I will plan time for you.

Also, always accepting emails at I can typically answer those within a few days.

Also, of anyone wants to mail me dark chocolate or words of affirmation I take those tambien. Please note, I am writing letters all week to send to 'MERICA. In theory, if you read my
Blog and comment every now and again, I am sending you a letter. Unless I don't have your address... Okay. That's my update.

Finally, here is a picture, because I probably don't provide enough pictures.

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