Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home wifi, I do miss you.

So, you know how sometimes you get all excited because to know you are going to be he first person awake, so you get excited about having Internet to yourself?

It's 6 a.m. And you've watched one video at lightning fast speed. Then the Internet does something funky. First, you turn of your wifi for a second and reconnect, that doesn't work. You think about shutting down your iPod, but decide to forget the network and reconnect. First you double check that the password that the girl showed you was in fact written on the bottom of the router like she said. Yes, it's there. Then you try to reconnect. "Incorrect password." WHA-WHAT? Try again, maybe that 1 is an L... Maybe the 0 is an O... Nope, something is afoot. There must be an addition or something you don't remember, because you can't get in. Okay, I'll just wait for someone to wake up and in the meantime read a book and eat some yogurt... Man... Fail. And the Internet was soooo fast!!!

Translation: Amanda is a product of her generation and would love nothing more than constant access to the Internet. Lobo, Serpas, if you ever read this, I am jealous of you.

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