Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Roller coaster

I've been trying to remember the roller coaster of emotions I'm supposed to be going through. I'm pretty sure the first six months were full of ups and downs. Days when you were so excited that your life was on this wonderful island and other days when you want to catch the next plane, ferry, helicopter, land bridge, cannon shoot, or zip line back to the United States. I think today I fit into a bit of the latter category. Now. I don't think I'd catch a cannon shot back even today, and I know I would take a zip line even on my happiest day here, because come on... Who wouldn't want to do that, but today, a plane or a long boat to the good old U S of A sounds great. I'd even take a nice shot of my American Peace Corps Volunteer friends, but I don't have a good reason to go to the capital. I guess this is why Peace Corps has R&R days.

I know the struggles are worth it, but the roller coaster makes me wonder if it's all worth it. (Yes, I know that last sentence didn't make sense. It wasn't meant to.)

It's just that honestly, some days you look around and think, "What was I thinking?!" Sometimes, Peace Corps feels like the craziest thing you ever got yourself into.

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