Wednesday, February 19, 2014


One thing most Peace Corps Volunteers do, but often choose not to share, is watch entire seasons of shows in one sitting. Now, before you go getting all judgmental, I’ll let you know that it takes less than 24 hours to watch one season of most shows. You could wake up one morning, realize it’s raining and rather than let your community members leave you waiting for a meeting that will never happen you could choose that you will lay in bed all day and watch television while never taking a bucket bath or even a sponge bath.

Now, I’m not saying I’ve spent an entire day watching a single season of a show, but the following will be a list of shows I have seen in the DR and am choosing to comment on.

Everybody who knows me knows that this is my favorite television show. I have the entire series on DVD back in America and acquired digital copies of most episodes since I’ve been in country. I still love this show. I watched it everyday when I lived in Gualete. It was a saving grace when I was going through the reason for my site change. My favorite episode is “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”

Sex and The City
I hadn’t ever seen all of the episodes of this show. I hadn’t really seen anything other than the movies. I do like the show. It was funny. It was nice to know what the common references were referring to.  I liked it, but I don’t know if I will go back to it often.

Modern Family
This show is so cute. I watched it before I was here, but I never really saw the first few seasons. The show is funny in obvious ways, but I still like to watch it. I use this show when I wake up from a bad dream and want to forget it before I fall back to sleep.

I watched the first few seasons, but since it all just feels kind of the same I just looked at Wikipedia for the answers to what happened on the show. Clue… nothing.

Orange is the New Black- WATCH THIS
The same person suggested this to me many times. I thought it was some kind of guns and hip hop show for the longest time, based on the title. Now that I know it is about some white chick in prison and that it is in fact a comedy I love it. I am waiting “paitiently” for the second season to make its rounds onto Peace Corps hard drives. I want to know. Apparently it is also a book, but since I started this mission with the show I think I want to finish with the show before I move on to the book.

The Big Bang Theory
I had seen this show in the states, but never in order. I saw the first four seasons here. They are funny. It was whatever. Not an obsession, but fun.

Homeland- WATCH THIS
I am currently on season three on Homeland. I will not state when the seasons made it onto my hard drive, but I will say it wasn’t that long ago. I am obsessed with knowing where this POW is going next. What is this fake CIA going to do next? They just keep throwing cliff hangers at me left and right. Seriously, when the dead guy wasn’t dead… I’m not going to say anything else, but WHOA. Also, I go back and forth on hwo I feel about two of the main characters. What is this world? 


  1. Yeah homeland is good and I'm also waiting for season 2 of orange is the new black.

  2. How do you expect the community to respect you if you don't show up to the meetings assuming that others wouldn't show up? What would motivate others to show up if you just decided to watch episodes upon episodes all day? Couldn't you do the same in the United States? I'm confused as to why you are proud to write this post, as opposed to helping the community? Maybe if you were out communicating with the community, you may feel more welcomed? (referring to your other post about not feeling welcomed in the community) Perhaps you haven't given them a chance to interact with you?

  3. Often, especially in my old site because of the mud roads, people don't go to meetings when it rains. It's a frustrating reality many Peace Corps volunteers deal with. Making jokes about that idea is my way of making light of the issue. I don't think most volunteers actually skip meetings they've set up to watch television on their computers. I wouldn't doubt that some take their computers to the meeting spot to get in an episode while they wait for la hora Dominicana though. Sorry about the confusion.