Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This was a great weekend for me. I was able to show my new roommate some of the more historical parts of this country and visit one of my very good Peace Corps friends who spends his days near the capital.

Playa Grande was really nice. Michelle said she thought it was the most beautiful beach she’s been to. I think we all remember that I don’t appreciate a beach like it should be appreciated. I will admit though that I really liked the beach. It was the first time in a long time that my bathing suit was actually able to feel the water. Really, I’d rather swim in a pool.

It was actually a really nice weekend to show off some of the Peace Corps world. There was a mini-VAC meeting at Playa Grande. Mini-VAC is simply a meeting where volunteers get together to provide feedback to administration about different Peace Corps policies. We also use it as a great excuse to check out different locations in our respective regions. 

Saturday we made an early start to the capital. In the capital I had a few things to pick up with the Peace Corps doctors and I wanted to make it to my friend’s house kind of early. Nothing like maximizing your time on a trip. After a quick trip to the capital, because the bus took 3 hours instead of 5, we made it to my friend’s site and the motoconchos proceeded to double charge me for my moto. I think we have concluded it’s because I brought my white skin with me this time in the form of a friend. It sucks, but it is true. When you look whiter here people charge you more. It’s unfair and it makes me really mad and raises my blood pressure, but I guess they do say life is not fair.

On Sunday we took our time getting to the capital. I made banana pancakes, boiled some water for showers, and we all headed out after my friend came home from work. 

The best part was when my friend and I told Michelle that after she left the country we would still have another year left here. This was her reaction. 

We spent some time walking around the colonial zone. It turns out I actually know a thing or two about this historic area of the country. We went to a few places I had never been before. It was a nice  (read: cool) day, so I was able to leave my hair down all day and not bake under the heat.

 It was also raining a lot, so between sites we usually spent some time huddled under an awning or in an old fort or something. It was nice, because those kind of moments always lead to stories. It was really nice to see my new friend from my site bond with one of my best friends in Peace Corps.

These awesome pictures were worth my 800th trip to this cathedral. It's the oldest one in the Americas "they" say. 

After that it was the super bowl. It was nice to go to an American bar and eat a cheeseburger while we watched the game. We didn’t get the commercials like you all in America, but we did get to see the train wreck up close.

Note the towel we were given as we entered the bar during a downpour. 

The next morning Michelle and I decided not to spend much time in the city. We were ready to get home. It was a long day, and we both wanted our own beds. The trip back took the regular 6 or so hours total and we both spent some time sleeping on the bus. It was nice to see our front door and our own beds when we climbed out of the car Monday night.

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