Friday, February 7, 2014

Me Toca A Mi

I've started doing something very Peace Corps this week; teaching about HIV and AIDS. My track to this topic is through a Dominican and Peace Corps collaborative telenovela that deals with this and other relevant topics. A group of volunteers made this telenovela during their service. They are well made, and the students laugh through the episodes, so that is exciting. I don't want to leave this country having forced children to suffer through something boring I did out of obligation.

I finally feel like I have something to give to this country and it's not even me doing anything, which is actually better. The teacher in the classes I am teaching is a beautiful Haitian man named Wambert. He is a wonderful teacher and he takes initiative with the information. He always adds content to the episodes and gives intelligent opinions about the content... at least I think so, you see, he speaks Haitian Creole and I don't. Most of the students speak spanish, but it's always better for students to speak about hard topics with the adults that are already in their lives and can offer culturally appropriate advice. 

My friend Courtney was visiting and went with me when I did the first class with the second group of students. She probably thinks I don't actually do anything, because really all I did was set up a computer and provide a file, but if all my Peace Corps service turns into is providing content and opportunity because I am a warm body with a Peace Corps I.D. then I am fine with that. 

I am going to take two boys to the capital with me for a sports camp and they only get to go because I am a Peace Corps Volunteer. I haven't spent that much time with them, but whatever... they get to go spend the weekend in the capital playing sports with new people from around the country and I couldn't be happier to be a reason they get to do something like that. 

This is the end of the update. I'm too tired, and Courtney and I need to start the iguana-dragonfly talk again. It's not true, but it is fun to laugh about. 

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