Thursday, February 13, 2014

Caribe Tours: The ice age

Caribe Tours is kind of like the GreyHound bus of the Dominican Republic. I take these buses at least once a month, usually to the capital, but they go to and from most major cities.

One thing I want to remind everyone to do though is to bring a winter coat.

No lie, all of the air conditioners in this country must be located on those busses.

On our recent trip to the capital I told Michelle the night before to be sure to pack a coat. In the morning I reminded her to bring a coat. When we walked outside and she was wearing a long sleeve shirt I asked her “Is that your coat?” She said it was. I said she may want a better on. She thought she was fine.

I don’t think I was clear on just how cold these busses get. I forgot my coat once… only once.

On the way back from the capital I had my giant comforter blanket. Right before we boarded I decided to grab that blanket. It was the most comfortable 5 hour trip I’ve ever taken on those buses, and Michelle was sure thankful her feet weren’t freezing for the entire trip.

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