Friday, April 4, 2014

The bookcase

I've made a few updates to my living space since moving out on my own the very first time. Usually I think about the purchase for at least a few weeks before I go ahead and buy. In this case I've thought about it for years.

I love books, and I admire bookshelves. Since living in the DR I have become very aware of how I can collect books. I should have known when I went to Germany and had a 37 pound carry in... That was only holding books. 

Yesterday, I took the plunge. I went into an actual furniture store and allowed a shop worker to help me find a piece of furniture. She showed me a few pieces. One was short and cute and only $4000 pesos, but I went with the one below because it helped more books and was didn't cost me as many pesitos.

I've wanted to get my things better organized, because the house I am in will sometimes hold other people, and it's not fair for me to overtake a table because I have a trillion books. It also makes it easier to study Spanish when my study books aren't sitting under 30 other books. 

I was also finally able to find a place for all of my crafting things and all of those manuals we collect as Peace Corps Volunteers. 

So, I say it now, invest in things of value for your life. Also, sometimes it's easier to let someone else build and sell you something, than thinking you must always make from scratch. 

To my new bookcase! 

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