Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Escojo Enseñar

I learned what it was like to be an education volunteer in the Dominican Republic the other day when I found myself at a teacher training conference. I'm probably not going to talk about that very much other than to say it was great and those volunteers work hecka' hard. Really, get it guys.

What I am going to talk a bit more about it how Peace Corps determines what sector you get into. The answer: I haven't a clue.

In my group we always joke that Peace Corps must have checked the wrong box when they put me in the business sector. All of my background is in education. My volunteer work was mostly education based, and I studied Library and Information Sciences. Not that I wasn't qualified to be a business volunteer, I just think I was more qualified to be an education volunteer.

It was fun to look around at my friends to see what my life could have been.

As much "pouting" as I did in the beginning about not getting a library project and not fitting in my sector, I really appreciate where my path has taken me. Most of my close relationships came out of CBT, and if it weren't for the Business sector I would have been in a different CBT that those wonderful people. I also get the chance to hang out with some of the lovely people in education sometimes and I appreciate that.

But really, I don't know where I would be if I didn't have those 7,500 hours of Spades under my belt!

If you want a more in depth post about the conference read and education volunteers blog, check out their Facebook, or as me a question and I'll get around to it. Really though, it would be a bunch of me talking about all the cool supplies and people those volunteers get to work with. Also, I would wine about free books they get sometimes and I don't.

Also, Education Volunteers are awesome. Almost as awesome as business volunteers1 ;-P.

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