Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Birthday!

I've now spent two birthdays in the Dominican Republic. 
Last year I turned 23 with the company of my entire training group. 
We were newly sworn in Peace Corps Volunteers. 
We were heading off to our sites the next day. 
It was all very exciting. 

This year was much the same, except my friends and I were all "very experienced" volunteers, and the newbies were the ones heading out the next day to their new sites. They were full of the unknown. I was living in the comfort of knowing my current reality, and being able to celebrate my birthday with friends. There was a bit of a shin dig last night. It was basically the exact same shin dig from last year and I am lucky enough to have my birthday fall exactly on the day of the shin dig. 

The next morning my friends treated me to this delicious masterpiece for breakfast. 
We had to share, because it was filled with sugar. What I didn't know what that when I went to the bathroom they worked it out with the restaurant that I would be given a birthday surprise. 


Peace Corps friends really are the best. I had a great birthday. Serpas didn't have to sing to me once, and he loved that fact. I also received a birthday card and a birthday text from other friends, so that was really nice. 

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