Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peace Corps News

I spend a lot of my time reading up on Peace Corps news these days and I wanted to pass on a few links for you to peruse. Hopefully this'll be short. 

1. Peace Corps Ukraine. 
    What with the world being what it is these days, the Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine were evacuated recently. Peace Corps has given this official press release about the evacuation and there is also this page

   I've been trying to follow the news of this even through PC twitter accounts. My interest is two fold. One, I had been considering applying for Peace Corps again and pushing for Ukraine, but also, fellow Peace Corps Volunteers were serving there among the chaos. 

2. A Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia died. 
  It surprises me how close to home these type of memos feel. As if I knew her. I think that is what everyone means by the Peace Corps Family.  

3. There is no 3, but I once heard that a list can't have less than 3 so I am adding a third thing to my list. 

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