Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm a business volunteer

It only took a year, but I finally feel like a Peace Corps Community Economic Development Volunteer.

I'm giving one on one classes with a man in my site. This morning we covered the basics of excel. By the end of it he was able to create, from scratch, a table that would convert dollars to pesos. He was even able to change the currency symbol to match the country of origin for each currency type.

Sure, it took us two hours to get to that point, and I could have opened Excel and made that table in less than two minutes, but I finally feel as if I am doing something Peace Corps brought me in to do. Peace Corps is not about seeing what I can do, it's about making sure whatever it is can be done when I leave.

My job is about training and passing on skills and I'm glad to at least have spent one day doing that.

We have plans for more classes, so I will keep you informed. I'll also mention that I love playing with Excel, so I'm having a great time.

I'm off to make the next lesson plan!

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