Monday, December 23, 2013

Peace Corps changes

I'm going to subtly jump back into a life of blogging. For now I'm just going to give you a list of the good, the bad, and the interesting from my new site.

1. My "Dominican" host family is a Hatian woman, a Canadian man, a combination of kiddos and me, an American girl. We speak a combination of English, Hatian creole, Spanish, and French. No one speaks every language, but it looks like we are going to get this communication thing accomplished.

2. My new house is wonderful. Not only is my family great, but they prepared me my own room, living room, and bathroom. The electricity is all the time and so is the water. I think I've fallen in love!

3. I was on a moto the other day. It was darker than I would have liked. This was confirmed when a dead Labrador appeared out of no where and we ran over it. I was convinced I was about to experience paralyzingly road rash, but the dog was merely a speed bump. Thank you moto driver for not swerving.

4. I went to an English speaking church that was only 40 pesos away. I really enjoyed worshiping in English, but I think a closer more Spanish speaking church may become the permanent home.

5. I just listened to the entire Miley Cyrus CD... Did you know her album has a version of the "N word" openly stated on it? I guess that's the new Pop style! Ha ha.

6. I now live in a world where other PCV's are 10 or 15 minutes away... As is a grocery store... As is a book store... As is a Chinese restaurant. What is this life? I guess this is the new Peace Corps style.

7. Goats are funny.

8. I have been openly hit on three times in my new city. I guess I'm better looking the closer I get to the ocean.

9. I live real close I the beach. I wish I cared about it more.

10. It's Christmas and I'm on an island and I haven't bought a single present.

11. I just realized I lied. I bought one gift. I forgot. ... You know who you are. You should feel so lucky. My pesos are valuable and I spent some on you, so that was a thing.

Okay. That's it. I promise to write more. I just didn't have anything to say about sitting in the capital and watching the calendar fly by.

One last thing. My Spanish is getting better which means more people think I'm Dominican every day. This is a whatever thing, but I will say it helps me not get overcharged and I'd say it adds to my safety in tight spots. Yay for genetics and being a bit of a middle man.

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