Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting crafty

It's almost the new year. Christmas is over and it's time for me to start thinking about fresh starts. It probably doesn't help that I've spent the past few days with a bottle of wine and two of the best chicas on this little island. When the girls get together the gabbing is in no short supply!

Because of all of the future talk, and all of the fresh startness I am doing we decided to be crafty on out last night. We have some charla paper, and we are going to work.

Ashley and I are making sort of hope, dream, or happiness boards, while Conner is doing a more exotic piece of realistic artwork.

The crayons are out and "Don't stop believing!" is blaring through my iTunes so I guess it's time for me to feel powerful and write something wonderful to inspire 2014 to be as wonderful as 2013. It may have been a year of firsts, a year of development, a year of the highest mountains and the lowest valleys, but that doesn't put any of it in short order. I love my life, daily, and I expect 2014 to be just as exceptional.

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