Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is really happening.

I am walking around the hospital in a daze. It's my last day as a Room Service Assistant. Every time I see someone in the hall I wonder if its the last time I will see them. Doctors, nurses, and random contractors that I see all the time are floating in and out of my day for the last time.

I am also aware of saying goodbye to my family. My sister is planning her off days for when I leave. My mom is getting to town in a couple of hours. My bio-dad gets here tomorrow. My cousins are saying super sweet good bye things. And my coworkers gave me a bear. The PCDR Facebook group keeps posting things like, "TWO WEEKS!", in the group postings, and my far away Kentucky friends are planning Skype dates.

I still have to pack my apartment. Get out of my apartment. Pass off my car. And pack my suitcases.

I'm not sleeping a lot over the next two weeks am I?

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