Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm so PC.

Probably the most PC thing about me right now is that I am very delayed in my posts. As I read past volunteers blogs I was always sad when the posts would be months apart, but here I am doing the same thing. I also have no intention of going back and making it up, so you are going to have a space in this blog. I will update you today for as of today.

Well, medical clearance went swimmingly, and by swimmingly I mean it was touch and go for a long time there. I had to redo my WBC lab test because my levels were high. I also had to explain that I had recently had a root canal, was about to have another root canal, and the following week I was going to have all of my wisdom teeth removed. Well, there goes my chances of LOWERING my WBC. During that time it was hard and awful and confusing and frightening, but as of right now I am in the clear and okay with it.

For a long time I was telling people I was leaving, but not feeling it myself. My sister, Gabby, kept saying I was leaving and that she was sad, but it was just not real to me. Then, on February 1, 2013, as I sat in the break room at lunch checking my email I saw a message entitled "Staging!!". I knew this was it. I had to call SATO to set up my flight. I called 10 minutes too late though (Because directly after work I made a Craigslist purchase of luggage for the trip) and had to call on Monday. Now I know I am leaving on March 4, 2013 at 10 something in the morning.

Since then I have been going between freaking out about everything I have to pack and sitting in my house telling myself I have plenty of time. Friday my sister, my cousin, and one of my best girlfriends are coming over to stake claim on my belongings. The rest are either going with me or going into storage. I have already quit my job. My last day of work will be March 19.

Other thoughts lead me to this:

"Everything happens for a reason."

The statement I have dished out over and over again in my life, but have recently had it thrown at me more than I've sent it flying. When I decided to jump onto my Peace Corps dream again it was partially because I had chosen the best time in my life. I was finished with my bachelor's degree, I was single, and I didn't have any children. Also, the people that made up the bulk of my life and time were suddenly gone and there was no getting them back. Surely there wasn't anything that could happen in a few months that would lead me to question PC. Well, don't take life for granted. It has a way of throwing wonderful things in front of you that can lead you to trip up the perfect scenario you envisioned for your days. Don't get me wrong. I am not giving up on PC. I feel like my life has all come together to get me to this point. Also though, I know that I am leaving behind a life filled with wonderful adventures and people that may or may not be the same when I get back. There is no way I can be the same. No way. I just hope that in the end, things work out for the best when I return home. For both of us.

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