Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Best day of my Peace Corps service?

I know I haven't written in a long time. It's so long I don't actually know how long it has been. Here are my excuses in a list that is also kind of a list of accomplishments.

1. I decided I wasn't going to "leave" my site for 6 or 8 or 10 weeks. (We will see in 10 weeks)
2. I've also decided I wanted to compartir with my neighbors more. (I now have friends)
3. I started playing dominoes with my neighbors.
4. Things just don't seem strange or "exciting" when they happen to you every day.

The real reason I decided to write a post today is that I could not contain my excitement for having taught a group of DOminican dudes how to play spades.

SERIOUSLY! That happened TODAY.

I've started visiting all of my neighbors. By visiting my neighbors I mean we all sit out under the trees across from my house when it's hot to catch some shade. Really, we are awesome.

I also started visiting the guy down the road who appears to be the only guy in the area who owns a set of dominos. When I was about to walk over there today the guys were coming back and said the guy who owned the dominos was at the clinic. He's sick today. Sad… but opportunity was knocking. I asked if any of them had a set… nope. I had my chance… "Do you know how to play cards?"

I wasn't about to let this turn into some "Casino (Dominican card game I understood for about 20 minutes one time and then the rules changed.)… I was going to make these guys play spades!!!

It was so exciting. I was all aflutter with trying to know the spanish words for the following:
1. Spades
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Books
5. Tricks

Whatever. It was great. I even went nil and my partner covered me. A better spades player could have broken me, but I was so proud of them. I had about 20 people sitting around the small table watching, and three guys playing. They got really tigure and started talking trash. I loved every moment. Seriously, please, can we play again?

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