Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm still in the capital

I've spent the past week in the capital waiting for the upcoming circus that will be my life. Exactly one month from now is Christmas Eve. I'll be here, hopefully sitting around with a group of friends taking in the holiday season on an island. Before that though, I have the next month to get through.

1. Skype date with Taylor
2. Thanksgiving on Thursday
3. Ten A.M. Bus ride across country for scuba certification
4. End scuba on the 3rd. Stay the night with a PC friend. 
5. Wake up on the 4th for "THE SUPER EXCITING THING I"M WAITING FOR" (AKA. My first visitor. I think my PC friends are tired f hearing how excited I am)
6. Make plan, catch a bus, do something the day my first visitor leaves to get myself to the capital for language training. 
7. Study spanish and catch up with all of my other friends who don't speak spanish. 
8. Get a site. 
9. Go to site. 
10. Leave site all the time.

Gosh, I used to have fun punchy post with actual things going on in my life. I had readers. I had a following.... Now I'm just turning into one of those awful Peace Corps Volunteers that doesn't post anything, or if they do post, it isn't anything worth reading about. 

I'll get over that when I get another site. For now, I leave you with a set of pictures from my stay in the capital. Don't worry though. The next post is going to be a real post because I'm typing it in word and I plan on editing it. It'll be about the site I went to visit that I hope is my site. 

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